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 By:  @Franero83

The biography of the Rolling Stones

When two young children of friends met again after three years of hiatus in a wagon train making the trip between London and Dartford, could not suspect that iban to engage one of the great partnerships in popular music. They were Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, who by then was calling for Richard, angry with his father, had removed as a sign of rebellion "s" from his real surname.
 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met Brian Jones, together find a common point as his liking for American blues and decide to form a banda of Rhythm & Blues.

In 1962 Brian Jones know. This joins the group Richards, Jagger and company and decide to rename the group. The new name chosen: 'The Rolling Stones', was based on an old theme of Muddy Waters,' Rolling Stones Blues'. Soon he joined Charlie Watts, along the pianist Ian Stewart.

of a song by Chuck Berry. Then only engaged to perform versions of familiar topics. That year conducted its first tour of Great Britain.


In 1964 he published the first album, 'The Rolling Stones', which only had a song created entirely by the Rolling. The rest were versions of other artists. But were not limited to versions. The strong pace as printed items and aggressiveness in adopting their instruments gives them an air properly theirs. Undertook two tours of the United States and appear on the Ed Sullivan show.
Outside the arena marketing experts wanted to let them know as the bad guys pop / rock, as opposed to the Beatles, which could be considered the good guys. 

So, were the constant scandals that were splashed. Sometimes they were arrested for urinating in public, others for drug possession and one after another. 

In January 1965 he left his second album, 'Rolling Stones 2', who took to the influences of black American music, especially soul. 

At the time, began to arise that if they wanted to stay on top in the music world would have to contribute their grain of sand and demonstrate their creative abilities. Therefore, his manager locked them several days in a hotel to work on developing new songs and unpublished. From there emerged some of its greatest successes. Despite this, his new album 'Out of Our Heads', continued to maintain a good number of versions, reserving the new items for subsequent discs.

In 1966 launch to the market 'Aftermath', composed entirely by his subjects, leaving versions of American soul music and sounds black, and being regarded as one of their best records.


In 1967 they released 'Between The Buttoms', which was punctuated by the scandal surrounding the arrest of Jagger and Richards for possession of drugs. Items on the disc coincided with the arrest, when dealing in drugs in case of several of the songs.

With the Lp 'Their Satanic Magesties Request' took one of his greatest failures. They tried to imitate the 'Sgt. Peppers' by the Beatles, but critics accused them of following the footsteps of another British group.

In 1968 he published 'Beggars Banquet', which meant a return to the essence of the Rolling. A provocative cover that was censured by his own company and that the end appeared totally blank was the beginning. The then some provocative themes that spoke of struggles, sensuality and a reminder of black music.


In 1969 Brian Jones was found dead in his home, a victim of drugs. The group joined Mick Taylor. This was followed by the publication of a new album, 'Let It Bleed', a replica ironic to 'Let it Be' by the Beatles, at a time when the group from Liverpool Rumi its dissolution. This disc will definitely perched on top of the rock world.

In 1971 published 'Brown Sugar', the first with his own record label and 'Sticky Fingers', the first in using a design by Andy Warhol as seal lips of some of the group. The latter disc is considered one of the greats of the Rolling instrumental for its quality. In order to save taxes the Stones decided to move their accounts France.

In 1972 he published a double album, "Exile NG Main Street ', a record of high quality and very ambitious. The aim was to be the portal of entry for a large U.S. tour and had to captivate the public. He was number one in England and USA.


The decade of the seventies progressed and the Rolling continued removing discs, alternating qualities. Thus, in 1973 published 'Goats Head Soup' in 1974 and 'It's Only Rock'n Roll', for whose promotion filled the streets of London of graffiti saying 'It's only rock and roll'. It was the latest record by Mick Taylor in the banda, who was replaced by Ron Wood. Also edited a live album, 'Love You Live'.

Until 1978 not released its next studio album, 'Some Girls', seen by critics as one of his best records.

The eighties began with the signing of a contract supermillonario the Stones with CBS, the biggest so far. For him, the Stones would receive several million dollars for each disc published. Fruit of the agreement were records like 'Emotional Rescue,' followed by 'Tattoo You' in 1981, 'Stiff Life' in 1982, 'Undercover' in 1983 and 'Dirty Work' in 1986.

The disc which raised the average quality of the decade was' Steel Wheels', 1989, based on which a new macrogira world and a new live album based on that tour, 'Flashpoint'.

In 1990 he toured Japan and Europe, which were followed by more than two million spectators and generating revenues of close to two hundred million dollars.

In 1994 published a new record, 'Voodoo Lounge' and one year after exposing 'Rock And Roll Circus', recorded in 1968 and which had never been published.


In 1995 published 'Stripped' and 1997 'Bridges To Babylon' their so far latest album, which begins a new tour around the world with countless concerts and they generate some very succulent income.


In 2005, after "Bridges to Babylon", the Rolling Stones take up with "A Bigger Bang". The album opens with "Rough Justice", explosive song that defines the attitude and sponsorship of the group in London garajera music, with guitars inflame (Jagger and Richards in electric guitars, Ron Wood in the electric slide), strong rhythm section , And aggressive vocal expression affair with sexual persuasion. Big and bustling initial issue.


On February 5, 2006, The Rolling made an extraordinary 20-minute presentation, in entretiempo Superbowl of 2006, making a stop on his world tour "A Bigger Band" playing 3 subjects, "Start Me Up," "Rough Justice" and the classic "Satisfaction", unfortunately the show was ridiculously censored, because of Janet Jackson incident in 2004, delaying the transmission by 5 seconds.


The Rolling Stones, among some studio albums and especially doing tours and live discs, still active to date and is considered one of the most important rock bands of all time.

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